Choosing the right career spells one’s success and is always tricky .Team Score Centum helps the students to make the right choice vis-à-vis their education, training and occupation choices and also facilitate in managing their Career. Student confront challenges from all sides – the insistence of their parents to choose a particular course and a career, the peer pressure, recommendations flowing in unabated from friends and relatives.

Among the challenges they encounter are their lack of knowledge/ information about the aptitude required to pursue a particular course while choosing a career.

It is said that ‘All that starts well, ends well’. Score Centum has a 3600 approach towards Career Guidance. It has roped in Top Career Mentors who have a successful track record in creating thousands of winners, who are available to facilitate the all-important Career Decisions. They analyze your interest, potential, aptitude scientifically and help you decide on the right course which suits you, besides other support you may need from time- to-time.

Hence Decision making is another area which they need to be groomed in. Career Guidance depends on a plethora of parameters like – the interest of the students, their aptitude while selecting a course and their ability and guidance even to access accurate information about the institutions, future job prospects and further study options also are key in facilitating their decision making.

Their main impediment is the access to Professional Career Mentors - found difficult due to lack of information, distance, time constraints and other factors related to it. You can now Select your Mentor from our Elite Panel and get your questions answered by them, helping you to place yourself in the path of Success.