The number of institutions of higher learning have been on the rise. Consequently the Entrance Exams for various courses have also shown a manifold increase. Considering that millions of aspirants try to come out successful in these exams to get a seat in a respectable institution, Entrance Exams have become the route to entry for various prized courses and institutions.

Entrance Exams, have set a trend of competitive spirit in the individuals. Preparing for such exams creates pressure in students as there could be clash of dates, different syllabi, weightage of marks, etc. In their anxiety, students tend to take multiple entrance exams to increase their chances of getting in to the best institutions.

It is a fact that there are entrance exams which are widely accepted for admissions and information of such a nature is vital for students to plan and select the exams they wish to take, based on the institutions they want to get admitted.

Score Centum facilitates to help the multitude of students withvast resource of information on Entrance Exams conducted across the country by various Institutions and Bodies for various Courses which will help them to plan better.

Score Centum takes care to provide the real time information on various Entrance Exams, so that a student does not miss their important exam.

Be Informed . Plan better . Perform

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