• Preferred skills for a successful career in Management :

    • Commitment and Focus
    • Communication Skills
    • Creativity
    • Decision-Making Skills
    • Discipline
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics
    • Leadership

    The management degree program today is one of the most evolved program and a much sought after program world over and there are thousands of primer institutions offering world class and quality education in management with notable institutions in India too like the IIMs and ISBs.

  • Courses


    • BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration (3 Years )
    • PG

    • MBA - Master of Business Administration (2 Years )

  • UG


    Students should have successfully cleared any UG program for admission to MBA. Institutions offering Executive MBA program expect the students to have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.

    ** Students who wish to opt for higher studies after their post-graduation can choose a doctoral or post-doctoral research in any stream of specialisation in management sciences study.

  • UG


    The score obtained in the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) conducted by IIM is widely accepted by most of the Management Institutes. Other Universities also conduct exams to admit students. The candidates are expected to come out successful in the group discussions and personal interview.

  • Actuarial Science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through intense education and experience. Actuaries use statistical techniques and mathematical skills to assess the probability of an event and its financial consequences. Insurance companies are legally obliged to employ at least one actuary to advice on financial management.  Some of the jobs the Actuaries does are Analysis of statistical data in order to calculate accident rates for particular groups of people.

    Development of  new financial products; Preparing presentations, reports, valuations and quarterly updates; Monitor risk within trading positions in investment banking; Preparing and presenting  reports, explaining their implications to managers and directors and advising on risk limitation; Advising on issues such as the selection of investment managers or the administration of pensions and benefits.


    Job Prospects

    Students passing out of this stream of specialisation can find exciting and tremendous opportunities in Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance Reinsurance Companies, Pension Funds Consultants, Investments, Government, Academics, Risk Management.


    Job Types

    • Consultant
    • Actuarial Analyst
    • Senior ActuarialAnalyst
    • Principal/Partner.Consulting Firms
    • Actuarial Analyst
    • SeniorActuarial Analyst
    • Manager
    • VP/Director
    • Chief Actuary/Risk Officer


    Top Recruiters

  • Job Prospects


    Salary Range



    The average earning potential is anywhere in the range of INR 3.00 Lakhs to INR 14.00 Lakhs per annum – read for a HR Generalist to a Marketing Genius. Multi-national organisations offer a really competitive and rewarding package and a rapid growth prospect. However, for a highly skilled and extremely talented hands, the companies may choose to consider higher salary.


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