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Preparing for Entrance exam is different from preparing for Board/other exams, though all exams are considered important. The latter aims at the students to proceed to the next levels as the former aims at selecting a few students from the masses for admissions. A study says, students who have managed to score good marks and crack exams, have taken umpteen number of practice tests before they take up the real exams. It not only increases the confidence, but also helps the students to prepare and perform better.

Score Centum has a comprehensive Test Preparation Series that consists of an extensive compilation of thousands of questions for various Board and Entrance exams, subject-wise, chapter-wise, prepared by top notch academicians, who have successfully coached hundreds of thousands of aspiring students and churned out Top Ranking candidates. Students can practice from Unit to Comprehensive, Objective to Multiple Choice Questions, in all the subjects.

Timer Controlled Tests helps the student to master the art of answering all questions in a stipulated time frame as determined and specified by the examining bodies. Students can also track their Progress Cards, Results, Answer Keys through our scientifically designed tools that will enhance the performance levels after each Test.

The highlights of Test Series:

  • Real time online Test experience
  • State of the art technology
  • Huge volume of question bank
  • Tests mapping to your real time exam
  • Prepared by top notch academicians

  • Practice . Perform . Peak